Savory Noodle Soup

The aromas of the flavored brown soup is enough to activate your senses and lure you into the shop. Ordering your noodle dish is by simply placing a checkmark next to your selection of noodles varying from thin angle hair to large, egg noodles or white rice noodles.

Neon Lights

As I approached the entrance there were an array of neon lights hanging besides the road. The purpose of these lights are meant to capture the attention of passersby by informing them of the event currently taking place inside.

Life’s a Beach

About an hour drive from the bustling city capital of Bangkok lies the town of Chonburi. Situated near the Gulf of Thailand, this location is an ideal place for leisure time.

Sweet sensations

The human brain lights up when sugary sweets are consumed, similar to that of an addict after getting their fix.

Arabian Nights

We learn more of our own culture by experiencing the cultures of others. Whether we are sampling their food for the first time or experiencing their generous hospitality.

Shrimp Sashimi

A dish not for the faint of heart, this is not your typical hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party. With a combination of raw shrimp, garlic, and chilies, this dish packs a punch as you take the first bite leaving your tongue numb

Satisfy your Craving

With so many flavors orchestrated onto one plate, one bite of this releases a symphony of flavors into your mouth