Prehistoric Egg or Edible Fruit?

To those unfamiliar with the sight would describe its resemblance to that of a prehistoric egg. The characteristics of its odd shape, color, or texture may lead a person to associate that with scales on a reptile. Could it have come from the Jurassic period? Perhaps, it could be from the age where mythical dragons roamed the Earth? Unfortunately, none of the the above are correct. It is simply an edible fruit.


The custard apple, better known as noi-na

Although this fruit is a native to the Americas and West Indies, it can also be found in South-East Asia such as Thailand.

Known in Thailand as Noi-na (น้อยหน่า), simple terms, custard apple, can be seen in local markets across Thailand.

Approximately the size of your palm

Physical Characteristics

The size of the fruit is similar to that of a softball with a bumpy surface separated into knob segments. With its pale green complexion the shape of the fruit is circular.

Peeling off segments to reveal the soft white flesh of the fruit

Segments are removed to reveal a soft white complexion of the fruit. The white flesh of the fruit houses black shiny seeds which are not edible.


As the name suggest, the flavor of the fruit resembles that of custard. One bite into the fruit releases an fragrance of sweet flowers complimented by the creamy aftertaste. The texture of the flesh as it touches the tongue is a combination of a grainy pear mixed with silkiness of cream cheese.

Nutritional Value

Consuming the custard apple provides high amounts of energy and is a good source of vitamins and mineral such as vitamin B, C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and iron.

Peeled custard apple


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