The German Eatery of Ekamai (Bangkok)

As I sat there conversing with my good friend, the waitress, who was dressed in a beautiful German outfit, had brought us liter tall glasses of cloudy beer. The ambiance had made me feel as though I had been situated somewhere in Western Europe. The experience had been a surreal feeling to witness a cozy little restaurant hidden within the concrete jungle of Bangkok. 

Liter of beer served by the waitress

Alexander’s German Eatery, situated in Bangkok’s Ekamai district brings the wonderful flavors of Germany to Bangkok audiences.

Restaurant Ambiance

As you enter the gates of the restaurant, indoor or outdoor seating can be selected according to preference. With the sounds of old rock-n-roll music and brightly light incandescent light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, feelings of a cozy, chill retro style are brought about to the restaurant.

With a beautiful white marquee and bench tables situated in its outdoor seating, visitors are set to enjoy an atmosphere similar to that of a picnic with friends.

Outdoor seating arrangement to the shop

Delicious Meal Items

As owner and head chef, Alexander, has enormous talent for attention to detail in terms of presentation of the dinner items. With fresh ingredients, customers are ensured flavorful, tasty ingredients.

Every ingredient presented on the plate gives purpose and creates a harmonious bond which completely lifts the dish into another level.

The rotisserie chicken had been recommended as the main course. Seasoned lightly with seasoning and cooked slowly within a rotisserie oven. The tender meat just melts in your mouth with soft-boiled potatoes and freshly sliced cucumbers garnished with green chives to compliment the dish.

Half a rotisserie chicken with potatoes and cucumber slices

Being that we were at a German eatery and sausages are one of the trademarks for German cuisine, a dish with sausages seemed like the appropriate dish to order.

With 5 succulent pieces of Vienna sausages, mashed potatoes were served with the dish. Additional flavor boosters were to compliment the dish was mustard and gravy.

Vienna sausage and mash potatoes

Liter of cloudy beer ordered had a smooth and flavorful aroma with every sip. The beautiful mugs gave the impression that you were drinking authentic brewed German beers.

Liter tall glass of cloudy drafted beer


The service had been fantastic! With the waitresses greeting you as you enter the restaurant to the owner ensure that the meal and everything was alright. Everything was well managed.

From the server checking to see if you needed another beer refill or to remove your dinner plate after eating, service is reviewed as excellent.

Price Tag

The prices at this shop were considerably reasonable if compared to restaurants located in downtown Bangkok. Food had actually been more cheaper than the beer we had consumed.

Considering that my friend and I had a few rounds of beer and dinner, the entire experience had cost approximately USD 80. That would average to approximate USD 40 per person.


If you wish to visit and try out this wonderful restaurant, please click on the location from google maps here

Alexander’s German Eatery

37/3 Charoen Chai Alley, Khongtan Neua,

Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

German location.jpg

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