Thai Holy Basil with Shrimp & Chicken (Recipe)

The dish which derives from the wording Krapaow, meaning Holy Basil, is a herb that is found in typically found in Southeast Asian dishes and is one of the ingredients that lifts the dish.

Aromatic Stink Bean and Shrimp

What resembles snow peas on steroids, these edible beans are known by their scientific name Parkia speciosa. In Thailand they call this สะตอ, pronounced Sa-Tor. To some, the mere smell of these beans is enough to deter them from taking a bite

Street Side Kebab

There is always that sense of appreciation I get for the street vendors who truly put their heart into the food they make

Ocean Delicacies (List)

Known for its vast selection of seafood, Thailand is a popular destination for travelers looking to satisfy those seafood cravings

Solitary Ramen

A perfect paradise for introverts that enjoy their own company, this ramen shop allows you to select your food without any verbal communication

Beyond the Boardwalk

What resembles a rugged beach house on stilts in need of a renovation, gives the restaurant its vintage feel to it. Despite its unattractive appearance, visitors queue up to sample the culinary flavors from the sea and view the majestic boardwalk scenery

Feline Friends

Imagine a shop where diners experience the comforting purrs of cats while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee

Hidden Little Treasure

Sometimes in our quest to find that perfect meal, we tend to overlook the small shops. This little shop in particular had been overlooked countless times during every occasion I had been in town